We Cool Moonwalk X3 Review under 3500

Hi Guys, Welcome to "reviewspotpot.com - Make Shopping Simple" where you can get a Review of almost anything. In this article, we are reviewing the "We Cool Moonwalk X3".  First "We Cool" is an Indian Manufacturer of various sound & Music-related products from Earphones, Headphones & Speakers, etc. They are Based in Bangalore, Karnataka. From their House of Manufacture, a Product called the "Moonwalk X3". The X3 is available only with Amazon. It is actually a Bluetooth in-earphone with Fingerprint activation. You can get this product in INR 3400 on Amazon. It is the whole package with a power bank of 3000mAh which can be used to charge both the earphones as well as your mobile. The earbuds are very light with 3 grams each. Both are very good with balanced music & bass.


  • Latest Bluetooth 5.0
  • 100 hours of battery backup as a whole but it is actually 5 hours standby, with the help of the power bank of 3000mAH available with the package, it can be extended up to 100 hours.
  • You can even charge your mobile with the Powerbank.
  • One-touch control - You can Accept/Reject the calls, Play/Pause/Forward or Backward your music with touch control.
  • Sweatproof
  • It perfectly fits into your ears so even when you work out there will be no problem.
  • Voice Assistant Siri/Google
  • Magnetic Charging

Easy Pairing and good connectivity in 20sec
Good Sound quality
The clarity of sound is very good even you can listen to the lyrics of the song with ease
Easy access to Playlist & Calling function with one-touch
Decent Bass up to standards
Good connectivity ranges up to 30 feet from the connected devices.

Noise cancellation while calling is not up to standards
Volume control is not provided so you need to rely on your phone buttons for Volume increase or decrease.
A long period of use let us say 2 hours causes pain in the ears 
In the long run, mikes do not work properly.


Sound Quality: 4.2/5
Bass: 3.8/5
Battery life: 4.2/5
Connectivity: 4/5

Total: 4/5

Moonwalk X3 is for Who:
If you are a person looking for a budget Earbuds Bluetooth Earphone with good sound quality and a decent bass then this is for you. But if you are expecting a better-calling Earbuds Bluetooth Earphone consider another model in our product review list. Have a nice day.

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