Cosmic Bytes GS 410 review - The Best Gaming Headphone under 1.5k

   Cosmic Bytes GS 410

    Cosmic Bytes is an Indian Manufacturing Company with its base in  Ahmadabad. It's a 25-year-old company started in 1995. Now there are so many models released by Cosmic Bytes among them "Cosmic Bytes GS 410" is the most affordable and the best quality headphones from the manufacturer.


    The GS 410 is big, but not too big it fits your ears and covers it completely, a perfect fit. The materials also used are also good with an appealing fit and finish. The Microphone length is perfectly placed so that your voice is perfectly caught in the mike. The controls were given in the wires so the volume control is convenient along with the Next or Previous song if you hear music in the headphones. The Headphones are compact and they are very well fitted with the head.


    Headphone type - On-ear

    Deep Base - Yes

    Microphone - Yes

    Compatibility - All 3.5mm Jack Device


  1. Perfect budget Gaming headphone
  2. Volume control in the wires so it is hassle-free
  3. The sound quality is fantastic, you can hear the voices and every piece of sound clearly.
  4. The bass is up to standard
  5. The microphone receives your voice with ease.
  1. The Microphone will receive the sound from the speakers if the speakers of the headphones are more/High
  2. Build quality is not what we expected.


    Sound Quality: 4.3/5
    Base: 4.2/5
    Build Quality: 3.8/5

    Total: 4.1/5

Price Range - Rs.1000 to Rs.1200

For Whom Cosmic Bytes GS 410?

    So, if you are looking for perfect Gaming headphones under 1,500 INR then this will be your choice, the only drawback is the build quality, but if you safely handle the headphones, you will enjoy these headphones more than any other gaming headphones. 

Buy from Amazon:  Cosmic Bytes GS 410


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