Samsung U flex Review

Samsung U Flex Bluetooth Headset

Hi Guys, Welcome back to Stream where you can get a review of almost all products, so let us see in this article the review of Samsung U Flex. Before that, Samsung was a South Korean mobile manufacturer with a base in Seoul, South Korea. "U Flex" is a neckband type of Earphone with numerous specifications. It has all the features of normal Earphones what makes it unique is the neckband is very flexible so you will feel more comfortable during your workouts and a lot more and a Battery of 8 to 9 hrs.

Samsung U Flex Bluetooth Headset
  1. Good for an active lifestyle like Jogging, Running, Workouts
  2. Voice assist Button
  3. Two Mike is provided
  4. 2 device connection
  5. Noise cancellation is up to standards.
  6. Sweat Proof


  1. Mike damages quickly but 2 mikes were provided it is bearable, and Mike's quality is Decent.
  2. Battery backup is only 8 to 9 hrs while its competitor like Sony WI C400 provides a 20hrs battery.
  3. The bass is not impressive
  4. Lyrics clarity is not to the expected level while listening to songs
  5. Connectivity issues when connected with 2 devices.
  6. No Waterproof if you are immersed in water or mistakenly drop into water.

Sound Quality: 3.8/5
Bass: 3/5
Battery: 4.3/5
Connectivity: 3.6/5

Total: 3.7/5

Samsung U Flex is for Who?

If you are a person who likes to do more exercise then U Flex is for you. But if you are considering bass with clear sound and with a long battery life of more than 9 hours then U Flex can't be your choice, Since the speakers do not provide the lyrical listening quality when you hear songs.

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