Top 3 Gaming Headphones under 1500

 Hello People, Welcome to another useful blog from our blog " - Make Shopping Simple", We review about anything almost everything. In this Blog, we are going to see the top and best budget gaming headphones that you can buy from the market. So, let us Begin,

No-3 : Sennheiser HD 206

    Sennheiser was a German headphones and various accessories manufacturing company. Among the various models released by Sennheiser the Sennheiser HD 206 is an affordable model from the brand. 


    Sennheiser HD 206 is mostly the Sennheiser HD 201 that had been launched in 2010. The quality of the material is still the old type of material but the sound quality is Very good. But the base is decent but not up to the expectations. The Earpieces were big enough to cover your whole ears if your ears were small if your ears were big then the tip would feel the slightly harder side of the ear sponge, so you may feel some pain in your ears over a long period of usage say 3 to 5 hours. The headrest is pretty good with a good attachment to your head and the sponge/cushioning is comfortable until you have hair in your head. The wires were too long in this price range but the wires tangle easily like any other headphone so untangling will be a task if you don't properly keep the wires, but the length of the wire helps you to freely move around your PC/laptop in case you are using in PC/Laptop.


    Headphone type - On-ear

    Deep Base - No

    Impedance - 24ohm

    Frequency response - 21Hz - 18000Hz

    Microphone - No

    Compatibility - All 3.5mm Jack Device

    Weight - 215g


  1. The sound quality is awesome and you love it, if you are a lyrics lover of song/ what a clear sound of a game with less bass definitely you going to love HD 206.
  2. The lengthy wire -  this wire helps to give you a scene of freedom even if it is a wired headphone.
  3. The Bass is decent.
  1. If you are in traffic or in a sound environment you may hear the noises slightly
  2. The design and the materials are the same as that of the '90s
  3. The Ear-Piece sponge is somewhat on the harder side.
  4. If you are very fond of bass then you will be disappointed

    Sound Quality: 3.9/5
    Base: 3.3/5
    Build Quality: 3.9/5

    Total: 3.6/5

Price Range - Rs.1000 to Rs.1500

For Whom Sennheiser HD 206 is?

    If you are looking for a product to listen to the Vocals/Lyrics of a song or Clear sound of Games with less bass under 15k then this is the best option that you can get. But if you are looking for a headphone with good bass then it may not be a good choice, if you are looking for one check out our numerous headphones in our headphones label just above the comment box to see the review of numerous headphones to find the best headphone that fits your requirement.

Buy from Amazon : Sennheiser HD 206

No - 2  Cosmic Bytes GS 410

    Cosmic Bytes is an Indian Manufacturing Company with its base in  Ahmadabad. It is a 25-year-old company started in 1995. Now there are so many models released by Cosmic Bytes among them "Cosmic Bytes GS 410" is the most affordable and the best quality headphones from the manufacturer.


    The GS 410 is big, but not too big it fits your ears and covers it completely, a perfect fit. The materials used are also good with an appealing fit and finish. The Microphone length is perfectly placed so that your voice is perfectly caught in the mike. The controls were given in the wires so the volume control is very handy along with the Next or Previous song if you hear music in the headphones. The Headphones are compact and they are very well fitted with the head.


    Headphone type - On-ear

    Deep Base - Yes

    Microphone - Yes

    Compatibility - All 3.5mm Jack Device


  1. Perfect budget Gaming headphone
  2. Volume control in the wires so it's hassle-free
  3. The sound quality is awesome, you can hear the voices and every piece of sound clearly.
  4. The Bass is up to standard
  5. The microphone receives your voice with ease.
  1. The Microphone will receive the sound from the speakers if the speakers of the headphones are more/High
  2. Build quality is not what we expected.


    Sound Quality: 4.3/5
    Base: 4.2/5
    Build Quality: 3.8/5

    Total: 4.1/5

Price Range - Rs.1000 to Rs.1200

For Whom Cosmic Bytes GS 410?

    So, if you are looking for a perfect Gaming headphone under 15,000 INR then this will be your choice, the only drawback is the build quality, but if you safely handle the headphones, you will enjoy this headphone then no other gaming headphone. 

Buy from Amazon:  Cosmic Bytes GS 410

No -1: Boat Bass Heads 900 Headphone

    Boat is an Indian Manufacturer located in Mumbai, India. In recent years boat products have been welcomed in the market because of their quality and performance. 


In the lineup, the boat bass head 900 is an awesome product. 900 is a wired over-the-head type of headphone, even though it is an over-the-head earphone it weighs only 150 grams which is very low for this category of headphones. Along with this, the headphone comes with a powerful 40mm Neodymium driver which delivers a high-quality sound. The Bass is very good you will love this headphone if you are a lover of bass and it is perfect for gaming purposes also.  It fits perfectly into your ears.


    Headphone type - On-ear

    Super extra Bass - Yes

    Driver Size - 40mm

    Impedance - 32ohm

    Sensitivity - 101db+/- 3db

    Frequency response - 20Hz -20Hz

    Noise isolation  - Passive

    Microphone - yes

    Related power3mW

    Compatibility - All 3.5mm Jack Device


  1. A very good base if you are for a shooting game like PUBG or COD go for it.
  2. The sound quality is also good and you can listen to all the sounds
  3. The wire quality is very good which helps while untangling
  4. The earpieces are foldable so they help you during your packing and travel
  5. Lightweight in this category.
  6. Mic is Decent.
  7. Play, Pause and 
  1. Mic is decent but the voice will be not clear to the other person on the call.
  2. The earpieces are somewhat on the harder side so if you use the earphones for a longer period you will find some strain in the ears take a break it will be fine.
  3. If you raise the volume very high the music will be audible even outside.

    Sound Quality: 4.1/5
    Base: 4.4/5
    Build Quality: 4.5/5

    Total: 4.3/5
For Whom Boat Bass Heads 900  is for?

    If you are looking for earphones under 15k, especially for gaming with the best bass, decent microphone, and good Sound quality. If you are a bass lover then definitely this your choice. But if you are more interested in the microphone and calling feature try out another headphone from our numerous headphone reviews the suitable fit your choice from the headphone review tag.

Buy in Amazon:  boAt bass head 900

boAt official Website:


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